These are Clark's one-man shows

Nerdy Science Show poster general.png

Clark's Nerdy Science Show

Featuring a riveting plotline linking famous and eccentric boffins throughout history, there will be something for every nerd.  The performance of course includes a slide show, original songs, a proof, an experiment and the theremin.

Winner of best local production at 2018 Newcastle Fringe, and nominated for Best New Production award.

Gormley again shows his talents for making a serious subject engaging in a 60-minute performance, looking amusingly and engrossingly at the lives and work of people involved in science research through the ages. – Ken Longworth, Newcastle Herald


Dial N Poster.png

Dial N for Nerder

An hour-long one-man, one femme-fatale (but technically it's still one-man) original musical film-noir stage show about love, death and telecommunications.  Audiences will be on the edge of their devices.

Clark Gormley's Dial N For Nerder is a beautifully awkward masterpiece that combines droll indie wit with absurdist timing and leaves that whole audience smiling and joyful. – Morgan Hardy Bell


Up the Nerdsville Track.png

Up the Nerdsville Track

Think of a psychedelic road trip with a nerd as your guide, complete with soundtrack and slide show. Clark Gormley presents a one-man barrage of facts and inaccuracies related to this wide brown land. Includes studies of linguistics, etymology, statistics and a rigorous proof by free association. The show also incorporates original nerdy songs and poetry. 

"Up the Nerdsville Track" an un-mapping of Australia (somewhere between John Clark, The Castle & John Cleese!).  – Andrew Clermont

Further up the Nerdsville poster Newcastle r5.jpg

Clark is updating this show for the 2019 Newcastle Fringe Festival. It will be called Further Up the Nerdsville Track.