Oliver Sipple

Clark’s song about the unfortunate US war veteran Oliver Sipple.

Radio Interview

Here’s a link to an interview that Clark did for 1233 ABC Newcastle. They wanted to get a “comedian’s” view on the brand new light rail in Newcastle. (20th of March 2019)


Primordial Soup video

The Newcastle Museum made a video of Clark’s song Primordial Soup to promote its Voyage to the Deep exhibition. Sung by him with Sallyanne Brown.


Clark’s Blog – Free Clarkage

The occasional musings of a Novocastrian nerd.



 Poetry at the Pub

Clark has been heavily involved in this poetry group in Newcastle since 1996.


Club Sandwich

Club Sandwich Cabaret is a show that was started in 2011 by Danielle Scott, Jane Jelbart, Mark Jackson and Clark Gormley. It was a two hour variety show with an interval, staged at the Royal Exchange in Newcastle. Each night there were several guest acts including singers, musicians, comedians, dancers, magicians, artists, scientists and beer experts. Each show had a theme ranging from birds to Christmas, and hardly any of the shows were repeated. Initially there was a new show every month. There have been 36 Club Sandwich shows, the last one was staged in 2016. The show is in hiatus, but you never know when it might come back…

Clark was MC for many of the later shows, and developed his ‘Nerducation’ segment, which included informative trivia about the theme, and a proof by free association.




The Royal Exchange

This enclave of Bohemia in the middle of Newcastle is Clark's favourite venue.


Wind And Rain by Don’t Diss a Brie

Don’t Diss a Brie was a short-lived trio made up of Sarah Whitteron, Sue Jennings and Clark Gormley. We had a go at three-part harmonies. This this was our attempt at the Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings version of the trad song.


Herbal Tea Waltz video

This video was made way back in 2003 for the Newcastle Shootout short film competition.